Free Autograph Baseball Sports Card Guide TTM


Step By Step Guide On How To get FREE
Autographed Baseball Sports Cards Through The Mail

 Through the mail autographs (TTM) are one of the most exciting things you can do with
 Sports cards, Baseball cards, Football cards, trading cards, Memorabilia, or plain index cards.
There is nothing like getting the mail and seeing a SASE that was sent back from a player,
 then wondering who it is from. 

 Below are the best instructions you can find anywhere on how to get FREE sports autographs in the mail. 

 Just follow these easy instructions on how to get free autographs and you will soon have
 a nice authentic autograph collection of your own. 

Click here to see some autographs that have been received through the mail 

What are TTM autographs ?

TTM stands for "through the mail."
Some players will autograph cards or other items
 (ball, photos, picture, Baseball bats, Jersey, hat, helmet, index cards)
All sent to them in care of the team.

 In one week my kids received 5 of them back and All of them took around
2 months to get back

 It was very exciting to see the looks on their faces when they opened the mail.

How do you get them signed?

TTM autos are received through the mail.
Follow these step by step how to instructions to get the free autographs


1. Choose a player to send to. Note that big stars will usually not sign cards
because of the sheer volume of fan mail they have.
Choose the player carefully

 2. Choose a card of the player you wouldn't mind losing
 (a common or cheap insert) because the player may not sign the card.

3. Write a SHORT letter, and I mean short. Some people insist on putting
 all kinds of stuff like career highlights and other stuff.
However, if the player is getting a lot of fan mail,
they don’t have the time to sit around and read long letters asking for an autograph.
 Most of them don’t even read the notes and if they do just very briefly.
I'm sure they would appreciate it short and sweet.

 Here is the letter I use in all my mailings

  Let’s pretend I'm sending to Milwaukee Brewers - Ryan Braun

 Dear Mr. Braun (replace the Braun with your player's name)
I think you are a great player and I’m glad your on my favorite team.
May I please have your autograph?
Thank you very much,
(your name)

 You can usually hand write the letter on a scratch pad or blank index cards.
You can get these at your local store, office supply stores or even on ebay auctions.

4. Address your SASE.
The small envelope size “9.2X16.5cm” works the best to do the SASE
 (self addressed stamped envelope). Address it like:

Your name
Your address

Also, put a return address label or write in a return address in case there is a problem
 you wont lose your card.
Remember to make sure to stamp your SASE (Don't forget this!!)

 5. Address your envelope. It is best to use a #10 envelope for this. Address it like this:

 Ryan Braun (Change Name as necessary)
c/o Milwaukee Brewers
1 Brewers Park
Milwaukee, WI 53214-3651
Again, replace Ryan Braun's name & address with the correct one for your player and team.
You can get the addresses for the teams on my addresses page
or the teams web site.

 6. Put everything in your main envelope, seal and stamp it and you're all set!

When sending a card, just place the card in the envelope without a card saver.
This makes it fast & easy for the player to sign.
We have sent out a lot of TTM autos this way and not one has come back damaged.

 OK so there it is, all laid out for you.

All you need is a card, envelope & 2 Stamps and your all set to get that autograph.

  It can take from days to months or even years to get a card back. 
Part of the fun is waiting, so
 don't be upset if the card never comes back,
just try someone else and be patient. The next thing you will know. 


 "You Have Mail"


Good Luck & Have Fun!   

If you don't want them you could even sell your free signatures on eBay or other online auction sites to autograph collectors for a nice profit.

eBay for the players autograph to see how much it goes for.

I hope you enjoy this website and have fun collecting your autographs 
Why should we have to go to a sports show and pay over $100 for an
 autograph when a lot of the times you can get it for free.
You can use this "how to get" autographs guide for your base ball cards, foot ball cards, basketball cards, non sports trading cards. To get your sports memorabilia signed , free baseball cards or free signatures, free signature or a photo autograph or picture autograph with your free ttm autographed on it.  

You can use all kinds of collectibles for this. After you get them autographed you can even send it to PSA ,PSA/DNA BGS, SGC, or GAI to get it graded / authenticated and watch if the auto is selling on ebby or other online auctions. then sign up on eBay and start selling your ttm's doubles of your authentic sports autograph that you received through the mail ttm.

This is a very easy guide on how to get signed items for your baseball hobby or any trading cards that you have like Topps, upper deck authenticated, Exquisite, yugioh, Fleer, Donruss. You could even make your own custom one of one 1/1 Rookie card item if wanted.

When you get them, look them up in a Baseball card Price Guide to see what their signature is worth. Or go to yahoo ebay and do a search for them.

Just follow this how to get auto guide and have fun with everything you do as that is what's the most important anyways

Ebay listing tips: Get your auto authenticated to sell for more money to an ebay buyer and remember to pay your ebay fees.
How much does it cost to sell on eBay? It does not cost that much but if you figure 20% or less for all fees including paypal then you won't be too surprised when you get ebay's invoice

The reason I made this website is to be able to have fun and get autographs for FREE 


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